Infrastructure of Botony & Biotechnology Dept.


LIBRARY : 4,581 books under 1203 titles are present.( Including both central and Department Libraries)Two books are issued to each student per week. LABORATORIES :3 Laboratories are present in the Department 138 Compound Microscopes(mostly Olympus make), 110 Dissection microscopes,6 Research microscopes(Carl Zeiss, Czechoslavakia make), 2 Microtomes ( Rocking & Rotary),High speed Centrifuge,Refrigerator, Hot-Plate,Camera Lucida, PH meter,Autoclave,Incubator, Hot-air oven, Micro Photographic equipment,Physiology apparatus required for practical purpose. Audio Visual Aids:-25 Models, 350 Museum Mounts and 1000 Permanent slides,1 Over Head Projector,Slide Projector with 300-35mm.Film strips are available in the department. COMPUTER : One computer is present in the Department with the following configuration Mercury Mother Board.400 GHZ, 10.3 Hard Disk, 1,4.FFD, CD Drive, Samatel 15 ‘ Monitor and some Educational CDs for Teaching. Modern Teaching methods in practice other than the lecture method. Making use of Charts, Models, Mounts, Slides with help of slide projector, Transparencies with the O.H.P.,Electronic Educa tion Media with Educational CDs and Computer


LIBRARY :200 Biotechnology books are present in the Library. Books are issued to students per week LABORATORIES :2 Laboratories are present with good infrastructure. Instruments like Laminar air –flow, High speed Centrifuge, Water bath, PH meter, Autoclave, Incubator, Hot-air oven, Electronic Top pan balance, O.H.P, Electrophoresis , Refrigerator, Colony counter, Paper chromatography chamber are present in the Laboratories. Modern Teaching methods in practice other than the lecture method.Making use of Charts, Transparencies with the help of O.H.P., Electronic Education Media with Educational CDs and Computer, Participation of teachers in academic and personal counseling of students.Post admission tests are conducted to identify the academically backward students in the beginning of the year. Students are classified accordingly into Meritorious, Average and below average categories. Remedial classes are conducted for below average students. Students are counseled about library resources, practical knowledge and career guidance by the staff members.