Infrastructure of Physical Dept.

Some Important equipment in our laboratories:

The Department of Physics & Electronics has a treasure of equipment purchased right from the inception of the College. Some of the costly equipment is listed below

  • Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes
  • Electronic (digital) balance
  • Signal generators
  • D.C. Power Supplies
  • Digital multimeters
  • Microprocessors
  • Microcontrollers
  • IC logic trainer kits
  • Fortin barometers
  • Spectrometers
  • Optical benches Diffraction gratings (made in England)
  • Tesla coil
  • Travelling microscopes
  • Melde’s apparatus
  • Ballistic galvanometers
  • Platinum resistance thermometer
  • X-ray tube
  • Discharge tubes with different gases
  • e/m apparatus
  • Planck’s constant apparatus
  • Hysteresis apparatus
  • Battery chargers
  • Sodium vapour lamps with transformers
  • Polarimeters

The Department of Physics & Electronics has fully equipped laboratories. There are 5 Physics laboratories, one Intermediate laboratory and two Electronics laboratories. There are at least 3 sets of apparatus for each experiment and two students can do the experiment on each set. A museum was developed in our Department in 2007. As many as 100 demonstration models and teaching aids were kept in the museum. Some rare models like Tesla Coil, Steam Engine model, Resonance model etc. were also kept in the museum. Students from neighboring High Schools and Colleges have been visiting our laboratories and the museum in particular to get themselves enriched with the basic concepts of Physics. We are proud to say that our Department won the laurels from the members of the NAAC peer team, when they visited our College in 2007 for the assessment and accreditation of our College. There are 5 computer systems in the Department. 4 of them are them are being used by the B.Sc. Electronics students for doing computer simulation experiments. One system with Internet connection is being used by the staff members, who browse the internet regularly to get themselves updated and keep themselves in pace with the latest developments of Science and Technology.